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Business Planning | Growth, Process, & KPI

At I. M. Financial, we view the many facets of business planning through four primary lenses: (1) Organization & Governance; (2) People; (3) Growth, Proceess & KPI; and (4) and Exit Planning. The work within each of these categories has endless overlap and interplay. Across the spectrum of business planning needs and throughout the growth cycle, the separation of work between I. M. Financial team members, your internal teams, and each of our partners will vary. Still, we find it helpful to organize our own and our clients' thinking about key business factors in this way.

Key Considerations for Growth, Process, & KPI Planning:

  • Create and grow real transferrable value.
  • Develop and hone systems for financial reporting and tracking - focusing on the keys appropriate to your business category and goals.
  • Optimize fundraising, revenue planning, and capital stack/structure.
  • Acquire and update the relevant market research to inform growth paths and capabilities.
  • Analyze cash flow and shore up cash efficiency.
  • Develop and focus on the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and business activities.
  • Enhance processes and systems.
  • Learn and execute strategies for operationally accelerating growth and transferable value.
  • Establish and make concrete plans to pursue your unique business goals and vision
  • Identify and plan for potential headwinds. We're your critical partner in prioritizing potential threats, some of which you're already thinking about some you aren't. 
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Increase your business value by understanding your key value drivers and relevant multipliers.
  • Resolve issues that come with scaling, growth, and evolving procedures.
  • Understand whether Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) as a growth strategy makes sense for you
  • Develop a toolbox of options to finance growth activities, including but not limited to M&A.
  • Assess your company's specific profile and capability for generating financial leverage from business assets.
  • Branch out into alternative investment strategies to enable continued growth from a growing base.
  • Maximize your most important asset; your ownership stake.
  • Ensure that everyone in the organization is steering in the same direction; toward your goals.
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Organization & Governance

Organization & Governance

Upgrade your business's foundation to make sure your ownership team is structured securely and efficiently.

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Plan for everything when it comes to the people who take care of you and your business.

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Exit Planning

Exit Planning

Know where you're going. Understand your options in the marketplace.
Optimize your business leading up to a sale or transfer aligned with your intended exit strategy.

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