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Advanced Planning for Business Owners

As a holistic financial planning unit with deep experience in business planning, our team can provide valuable guidance on how owners can manage and optimize the delicate interplay between business and personal goals.

If you're a business owner, our strategy implementation work often begins with your personal wants and needs, and integrates protecting, growing, and exiting your business into those objectives. Where appropriate, we guide strategic plans to attract, retain, and reward the key employees that unlock transferrable value and maximize the biggest asset in your life: your business.

To understand examples of the services and solutions we can use to guide you in implementing a complete strategy, please look over our Services Overview.

To learn more about our full suite of business planning services, please see the "Business Planning" section of our website.

1. Integrated approach: We take an integrated approach to financial and business planning, considering both personal and business goals and how they relate to each other. By taking this approach, we can help business owners see how their business fits into their overall financial picture, and identify ways to optimize their finances to achieve their desired outcomes.

2. Risk management: There are inherent risks involved in running a business. We can help identify these risks and develop strategies to manage them, both within the business and in the owner's personal financial plan. This can help protect the owner's assets and ensure that they are positioned to achieve their long-term financial goals. 

3. Business succession planning: For many business owners, the ultimate goal is to transition the business to the next generation or sell it to a third party. A holistic financial advisor can help develop a business succession plan that aligns with the owner's personal financial goals and ensures a smooth transition of ownership. This can help provide  financial balance for the owner and their family, and help ensure that the business continues to thrive after their departure.

4. Tax strategies: Business owners face a unique set of tax challenges, and a holistic financial advisoe can help navigate these complexities. By developing a tax-efficient strategy that considers both the business and personal tax implications, you can help business owners minimize their tax burden and maximize their after-tax returns. Overall, by working with a holistic financial advisor with specialized business planning experience, business owners can benefit from a strategic and integrated approach to achieving their personal and business financial goals.

3 key questions guide a business owner's plan for their greatest asset and most powerful investment:

• How will you PROTECT the business?

• How will you GROW the business?

• How will you EXIT from the business?

What are you doing in these categories right now? What more can you do to attract, retain, and reward the key people that drive not only your current and future business growth, but also your ability to exit or execute a succession plan for your business, keeping transferable value intact? If you know you could be doing more, aren't really sure, or just want a second set of eyes to make sure you're on the right track, let's set up a time to discuss.

Business Planning Example Services

As the business owner's wealth advisory team, we take a holistic approach to planning, considering both their personal and business goals in tandem. We work with the owner to develop a comprehensive wealth building, protection, distribution, and succession plan that takes into account their retirement goals, their personal financial situation, and the potential sale of the business. Here are some of the steps we might take:

  1. Business valuation: Work with the owner to determine the value of their business and identify
    potential buyers.
  2. Tax strategies: Develop a tax-efficient strategy for the sale of the business, taking into account
    both the business and personal tax implications.
  3. Retirement & Financial Independence planning: Work with the owner to develop a retirement plan that takes into account
    their desired retirement lifestyle, their personal financial situation, and the proceeds from the
    sale of the business.
  4. Wealth management: Help the owner manage their wealth by developing a diversified portfolio
    of assets that aligns with their goals, risk tolerance, and income and capital preservation needs.
  5. Estate, exit, and succession planning: Work with the owner to develop an estate plan that ensures a smooth
    transition of ownership and minimizes the tax burden on their estate.

By taking this approach, we can help the business owner achieve their financial goals and ensure a
smooth transition of ownership for their business. The owner can retire  knowing that their personal and business financial goals have been addressed, and that their family and business will be well-positioned for the future

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