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Andrew  Lavoie

Andrew Lavoie

Director of Advanced Planning

Andrew is a seasoned financial professional with 17 years of experience in the industry. For 12 of those years, Andrew worked on Wall Street, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fast-paced world of institutional equity derivatives trading.

Despite growing up with limited access to financial resources and expertise, Andrew developed a passion for finance and worked hard to establish a successful career in the field. Throughout his life, he has developed direct experience in real estate investment, private equity,  and angel investments, as well as LLC & C-Corp formation and management. He has certification in commercial real estate financial modeling, and has an extensive personal and professional network in real estate, private equity, venture capital, and traditional finance. 

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Andrew has also served as a CFO for a private company. He excelled in this role, using his financial acumen to manage finances, streamline operations, and ensure the company's financial stability. 

Throughout his career, Andrew has faced and overcome many of the challenges that afflict high-earners and experienced a sudden increase in income. He has learned to navigate the ups and downs of the market and has developed a keen sense of financial acumen. More importantly, as a DIY-er turned professional, he now has a wealth of knowledge about what mistakes can be avoided, and how similar goals can be accomplished more efficiently and potentially less risk. 

Today, Andrew continues to be a successful and respected financial professional. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, helping them achieve their financial goals and overcome their own challenges. With his extensive experience, Andrew is a valuable asset to his clients.