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Evelyn Onbas

Evelyn Onbas

Chief Marketing Officer

In my role as Chief Marketing Officer, I provide crucial support to our team of financial professionals across multiple branches in New Jersey, New York & Boston. My primary responsibilities include identifying and reaching out to target markets, enhancing visibility through various tools, and fostering effective communication with prospects and clients. I also collaborate with financial professionals to enhance client connectivity and strengthen branding efforts.

Additionally, I oversee special projects and offer training on marketing tools and their implementation to both financial professionals and their staff. I assist in segmenting their book of business, developing client service and review programs, and organizing client appreciation/educational events. Furthermore, I offer guidance on completing or reviewing current marketing plans, emphasizing the significance of building relationships with centers of influence, and utilizing social media and websites for branding and communication purposes.

In terms of public relations, advertising, and branding, I serve as the liaison between our financial professionals and the support team at Northeast Financial Network's offices in Cranford, Holmdel-NJ, Armonk, Roslyn-NY and Boston-MA.

As an employee of Northeast Financial Network, Evelyn works in support of I. M. Financial.