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Marc Smith

Marc Smith


Marc's work as a financial advisor is defined by his core values and integrity.

  • He insists upon gaining a clear understanding of clients’ situations to develop customized solutions based on their unique needs and wants.
  • He strives to do what's right, knowing that our business does best when our clients are treated with respect and genuine care.
  • He makes certain that clients understand how and why their custom plans are being designed.
  • He presents his clients with an explanation of alternatives, explains the recommendations that he believes will be in clients’ interests and why, but respects whatever decisions they make.
  • He understands that confidentiality is critical and cannot be compromised.
  • He understands and implements the value of prioritization, balance, and flexibility.

Marc’s clients can feel secure in their understanding of and preparation for their financial future and are able to develop trust in the process. He insists on clear action steps and that everything in a plan design matches its intended purposes and goals.

The non-traditional portfolios created by Marc are current to the times, mitigating risk while protecting the potential for optimal positive outcomes.

Marc’s dedication, discipline, and character are among the many traits that make our team proud to work with him.